Pews in a church

Ministers of Hospitality (Ushers)

An important ministry at the celebration of churches liturgy.

  • Men and Women welcome
  • All ushers should be registered in the parish
  • All ushers should arrive at least 15 minutes before their scheduled duties
  • Ushers should wear their name tags
  • Greet parishioners as they enter for worship
  • Help in seating arrangements
  • Help parishioners with strollers and walkers to be seated in the reserved area.
  • Ask parishioners or visitors if they would like to do the presentation of the gifts (Please avoid choosing same people often)
  • Provide the weekly bulletin to members of the congregation
  • Take up the offertory collection. Please preform this task slowly. (Four ministers required)
  • Organize the gift bearers for the procession to the altar (Two ushers should go along with the procession with the Offertory)
  • The two ushers should take the Offertory to the safe
  • After Mass the ushers wish everyone a good day. They also do a bit of tidy up in the church
  • In case of emergency, handle the situation with courage and composure
  • All ushers are required to serve once every 3 months at a Mass different from their regular Mass
  • The pastor offers a workshop once every two years


“On the job training” is provided by working alongside experienced Ushers.

Workshop: once every two years for all ministers in the parish.

Volunteer Screening is required.

Please contact the parish office at 416-239-1259 or by email at for details or fill in the Ministry Form and return it to the Parish Office.