Rendition of Our Lady of Peace Church Outside

Welcome New Parishioners

We welcome new parishioner(s) to Our Lady of Peace. We are happy that you are joining us.

If you would like to become part of our parish family, we invite you to complete the registration form

Welcome Back!

If you have been absent from this your home due to perhaps a painful encounter in the past, maybe a deeply personal problem, or maybe an irregular marriage situation, Our Lord, through His Church, extends a loving welcome no matter the reason.

Remember dear friends, that our pastor is here to help you.  Be not afraid.  Please call and let us discuss it.  You will be surprised that what you thought was an impossible situation actually has quite a simple solution.  God bless you and welcome.  Please call 416-239-1259 Ext 3 for Fr. Biju.

You can download the form, and submit this form to the parish priest after Mass or you may bring it to the Parish Office during working hours. As new parishioner(s) we would like to encourage you to support your new parish. You may donate by using a box of Sunday Offertory Envelopes that can be obtained from the priest after Mass or from the Parish Office during working hours. You may also donate through the Pre-Authorized Giving (PAG System) usin the application form at the back of the church, or online at our parish website.